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The Harpa Music Hall Conference Centre at Reykjavik
八月 2, 2018  •  Travel

Port of Call: Reykjavik

With Iceland trending in the tourism industry and more and more ships with calls to its ports, the likelihood of your next gig bringing you to Reykjavik is larger than ever.

City of Buenos Aires
三月 15, 2018  •  Travel

Port of Call: Buenos Aires

Full disclosure: I’m a bit biased about this port of call since it is the city I grew up in. Still, I left over 20 years ago (wow! Time flies!) and my last visit was 2 years back...

二月 2, 2018  •  Travel

Port of Call: Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a popular port of call among sea crew in general. Considering what this city has to offer, this does not come as a surprise.

Montreal old port
一月 11, 2018  •  Travel

Port of Call: Montreal

When your next gig brings you to Montreal and you have a few hours to spare off the ship, here are some ideas to help you pass the time.   Meet the Proship Team