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November 25, 2019  • 

A salute to Proship’s musicians

It’s been over a year since I started as CEO at Proship Entertainment. But it feels more like two weeks! Time flies when you are busy at work, especially when you are enjoying yourself doing it.

So, what exactly makes our work at Proship so much fun? Three things: dealing with our clients every day, ranging from smaller, niche cruise lines to the biggest players in the industry; having an amazing team at Proship’s operational headquarters in Montreal, Canada; but most importantly our daily interactions with you, the musicians.

The daily interactions that we have with musicians from all over the world are countless and are all unique: evaluations of new candidates, offering gigs, dealing with medicals, visas and travel emergencies. The best thing about this is hearing the onboard anecdotes and experiences first-hand. The things that happen within the confinement of a ship can only take place there and nowhere else. And then there are the videos. It’s just great to receive a new band video that blows your mind or to see onboard performance videos which have been sent to us by our musicians.

I especially enjoy following the facebook updates of Proship’s musicians and seeing how they grow their professional skills and expand their horizons at the same time. Imagine playing every night for months in a row. There aren’t many land gigs where you can do that.

This line of work is something that will hone your skills and for most it is a confidence boost that will shape the rest of your career path, no matter if that’s going to be on ships or on land. None of your stories are the same. Some of you do a few stints on ships and then move on to something else, while others make it a career choice and are very successful at it, often climbing the ladder to become music manager or take on other positions.

So, a big thank you to all Proship musicians. Without you there would not be a Proship.

Are you a musician and interested to hear more about work on cruise lines? Get in touch with one of our agents. You can apply here: www.proship.com/apply or pick up the phone and give us a ring: US & Canada 1 888 477-6744, international +1 514 485-8823

Pieter van Hoogdalem