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Entertainment tailored to your venue.

With 30 years of experience and over 20,000 contracts booked, we know how to deliver what you need on time.

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We are committed to providing an unmatched experience and maintaining long-lasting partnerships with our clients. We accomplish that by delivering what you ask for:

Peace of Mind

Our team and our 24/7 support line ensures that your entertainment is fully prepared for your venue and gets on board on time.


We have perfected our recruitment processes to provide you with the best talent for your venue and your budget.


We are more efficient than smaller partner operations because we have a large team of industry experts continuously improving our processes.


Entertainment Recruitment

Proship makes recruiting talent easier, creating entertainment that will dazzle your guests, while managing all contractual and administrative issues. We became the world leader in entertainment HR by mastering the art of researching, locating, auditioning, and evaluating your entertainment staff. We recruit all talent categories from everywhere on earth.


Online Talent Evaluation

Headhunter is Proship’s proprietary online talent evaluation tool allowing you to personally evaluate the individuals and groups that we propose to you. As a Proship client you have access to an exclusive Headhunter account with its own custom-tailored catalog of performers that we have chosen specifically for you. You can log into Headhunter anytime to review candidate videos and information and judge their qualifications for yourself.


Entertainment Management

Proship has been coordinating complete contract processing for staff since our inception and our clients love it. Our objective is to simplify the casting process and provide greater peace of mind for your entire entertainment department. You can count on us to support your candidate throughout the entire recruiting, travel and placement process.


Perfect Cast

Do you require a particular type of band that’s specific to your needs? Proship has the answer. You select the repertoire and the band’s make-up, we find the musicians. When fully prepared, we ship your band ready for your venue anywhere in the world.

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