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七月 20, 2017  • 

Why All Entertainers Need an EPK and How to Build Yours

At Proship we hire entertainers and technicians from all over the world. We guarantee our clients —cruise ships, hotels, casinos— top notch entertainment but it is impossible for us to audition and interview every artist who applies to our agency. That’s why we request that applicants send us a complete promotional package, also known as Electronic Press Kit (EPK).


Administration may not be fun, but if you want to be a career musician you need to get organized. You have to sell yourself and your EPK is what recruiters and potential employers see first. 


In other words, your EPK is your first foot on the stage. So how do you put together an efficient and effective EPK? Here’s what to include.



There is no need to hire a professional video editor. Nowadays, a phone recording often yields good results. As long as you can provide an accurate representation of you performing in a live setting that shows you at your best, you should be good to go. Ideally, you film a fixed frame with a camera on a tripod. You do not need to be in front of a live audience but it would certainly give you an advantage.

If you are planning to do a recording specifically for your EPK and have some time to prepare, make sure your song list includes a variety that illustrates your repertoire and shows the full range of styles that you can perform. If you are you part of band or duo keep in mind that harmonies are a must for party bands and duos (more than one singer is always best). Also, it is important the video in your EPK includes all the members that would be traveling together.

Sound quality, as you probably guessed, is key. You should always test before you start recording to make sure the audio is not distorted or unbalanced and that all instruments and vocals are clearly audible. Avoid edits and overdubs. A small but important tip: to improve the audio quality you can connect your microphone or mixer directly to your camera.

If you are applying for work through us, you are aiming to work in some of the most prestigious cruise ships in the world. This means presentation is very important. In your video, you should dress for the occasion and show how you work the audience with charisma, respect, and class. 

Format: your videos need to be high resolution (1080p) and must be filmed in a 16:9 format. Vertically shot phone videos (9:16) are not accepted by Proship.



Once again, there is no need to hire a professional and launch a photo shoot. The important aspects to look out for are:

  • All pictures should be high quality.
  • You should be wearing formal attire or stage wear. Show off your style and energy but keep it professional. 
  • If you are more than one, include a picture of the band with the members that will be traveling together, as well as individual photos for each member.
  • Avoid red eyes.
  • Photos should have good lighting.
  • Images can be headshot style, during a performance, or even better, both! It’s best to send a selection to chose from.
  • Label each picture with the name of the individual in it and instrument the person plays.



You’ll need to get a complete list of the songs you are currently able to perform. Group them by musical style and language. At Proship, we require a minimum of 200 songs, but ideally, your list will include 400-600 songs that cover as many different genres as possible.



Your bio should include your background, experience, and the highlights of your last 3 years of professional work. When sending Proship Entertainment your EPK, be sure to mention any previous cruise ship, hotel or casino work. Once again, if you are more than one, include a brief bio of the band itself (including how long have you played together, past venues, and dates), as well as the individual biographies, the musical career, and educational background of each band member.



Letters of reference from previous employers and reviews are always a plus. Include as many as you can. 



If you have a website, blog or social media platform that contains additional materials, please provide links.



Your Electronic Press Kit can be a neat email with links and/or compressed images, a PDF, or a personal website. 



Before sending us your EPK to Proship, please be sure to complete our online application form.