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Dan Thibault in one of his first cruise ship gigs
六月 1, 2017  •  Advice

My First Cruise Ship Musician Gig

Throughout my career as a musician and founder of Proship Entertainment, I’ve been asked countless of times: “Did you ever worked on ships yourself?” The answer is: yes and I had the time

Performance space
四月 28, 2017  •  Advice, Musicians

How to Prepare Yourself, Musically, for a Showband Gig Onboard a Cruise Ship

So, you’ve heard about ships from a friend, or maybe seen something online, and think you want to give it a shot. Perhaps you are asking yourself, “What type of music would I be playing, exactly?

musician putting together promotional package
四月 26, 2017  •  Advice

Getting The Best Gig For You, Part 4

Hopefully, by this point, you have already figured out what kind of gigs you would like to get, you've decided

Musician looking for the right agency to represent her
四月 18, 2017  •  Advice

Getting The Best Gig For You, Part 3

If you are considering cruise ship gigs for the first time and you've just landed on this blog, you may want to start with Part 1

Musician ponders whether to choose self promotion or an agency
四月 11, 2017  •  Advice

Getting The Best Gig For You, Part 2

Before you begin reading, note that this is the second part to a blog series by our found and CEO, Daniel Thibault.

Where to start figuring out what is the best cruise ship gig for you
四月 3, 2017  •  Advice

Getting The Best Gig For You, Part 1

You are a top musician considering work on cruise ships but you are not sure of what the possibilities are. You ask yourself:  What would be the best gig for me?