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November 7, 2017  • 

Meet Guitar Player Brian Moore

A few weeks back we got word from our guitar player, Brian Moore, who was on the Queen Mary 2, that he had been named Employee of the Month! It's always a great feeling when artists we represent are recognized for their hard work. As we congratulated him, we thought we’d take the opportunity to ask Brian a few questions about working and living on a cruise ship.


What is your full name and where are you from, originally?

My name is Brian Moore and I am originally from Halifax, Canada, though I've been living in Toronto for the past 15 years.


What instrument do you play?

My main instrument is guitar, but I also double on banjo on the gig.


How long have you been working on cruise ships?

I worked on ships for a few contracts almost 20 years ago, and I am starting on my first contract since then.


What is your favourite thing about these gigs?

It's great to travel and meet people from all over the world. It expands my musical knowledge in a way the internet cannot.


What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a cruise ship musician?

So far, the biggest challenge has been to not eat too much!


What do you consider your biggest accomplishment as a cruise ship musician, so far?

This time around I performed with all the groups on board in just about every style available on guitar and was able to fill in for another group when they were missing a member on short notice.


What are some of the coolest destinations you’ve visited working on cruise ships?

Alaska was beautiful, going through the Panama Canal was amazing. Seeing all the art and ancient things in Rome. Also sailing into familiar places in Canada and the USA gave a fresh perspective that I'll never forget.


What do you pack when going on a cruise ship contract?

I'm packing less and less. Instrument, effects, not too many clothes. A laptop full of tunes and books.


Any words of advice to someone going on their first cruise gig?

Even if you're working a lot, take a moment each day to have some fun.


What about comments for somebody who is considering applying to become a cruise ship musician?

Keep an open mind. Also, a musician should be prepared to do a lot of reading and play in a lot of different styles with a repertoire that appeals to people of different ages and cultural backgrounds.


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