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十一月 25, 2019  •  Musicians

A salute to Proship’s musicians

It’s been over a year since I started as CEO at Proship Entertainment. But it feels more like two weeks!

Brian Moor aboard the Queen Mary 2 and a band he played with on board
十一月 7, 2017  •  Musicians

Meet Guitar Player Brian Moore

A few weeks back we got word from our guitar player, Brian Moore, who was on the Queen Mary 2, that he had been named Employee of the Month!

Melina Mizrahi and her band on a cruise
八月 15, 2017  •  Musicians

Meet Melina, a singer from Argentina

In celebration of our 30 years finding gigs for musicians, we are interviewing some of the talented individuals we work with.

Trombone Player while on a gig on a ship
六月 22, 2017  •  Musicians

Meet Trombone Player, Maria Crusco

This year Proship Entertainment is turning 30. After so much time dedicated to finding gigs for musicians such as yourselves, you could say we’ve met a few of you...

Performance space
四月 28, 2017  •  Advice, Musicians

How to Prepare Yourself, Musically, for a Showband Gig Onboard a Cruise Ship

So, you’ve heard about ships from a friend, or maybe seen something online, and think you want to give it a shot. Perhaps you are asking yourself, “What type of music would I be playing, exactly?