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June 12, 2017  • 

Anatomy of a Musical Director at Sea

The Musical Director should have good communication skills and be able to express himself clearly as well as solve problems that relate directly to the band unit.

The Musical Director is the glue that gels the band together, making it a solid tight unit. He/she is responsible for keeping the musicians challenged and interested when choosing repertoire for dance sets.


Communications Director

The Musical Director is encouraged to call meetings with his musicians to discuss problems, consider suggestions, talk about ways to improve the band unit, as well as air out any negative feeling brewing within the group. If a problem arises within the unit (for instance, excessive drinking, misconduct, attitude), it is important that we hear it from the MD and not from the Entertainment Director, who has heard it from the Cruise Director after various warnings. The channel of communication between MD and your Account Manager here at Proship must be open consistently. So stay in touch regularly! Furthermore, you may be called upon to aid in the solution to any given problem.


Rehearsal Coordinator

The Musical Director is responsible for scheduling and leading rehearsals for guest entertainers, providing his band with guest entertainer's charts in advance of a rehearsal, and better preparing the unit. A good liaison with the guest act is crucial, so understanding and interpreting their needs enables the entertainer to shine. Leading passenger talent show rehearsals may be a part of your job description, too.


Cruise Ship Liaison

The Musical director will often be included in regular daily meetings with the Cruise Director to discuss the day’s entertainment planning and scheduling, In-Port manning rotations or staff boat drills.  On some ships you may be responsible for monitoring the inventory on selected equipment.

The Musical Director position calls for an organized, talented, charming, mature, good natured, healthy, well spoken, centered individual who can deliver a tight sounding orchestra to the audience and leave an impeccable impression on his band mates, the Cruise Director and of course, Proship Entertainmnent.