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April 11, 2017  • 

Getting The Best Gig For You, Part 2

Before you begin reading, note that this is the second part to a blog series by our found and CEO, Daniel Thibault. If you have not done so already, we recommend you read Part 1, first. 

Now that you've figured out exactly what kind of gig would be ideal for your skills and wishes, next step is to take a very important decision, will you represent yourself or will you ask an agency to do the work for you. To help you make the choice, I will outline what you would have to take care of if you were to opt for self-representation. 

Agency vs. Self-Representation

When you begin to look for the gig that is best suited for you, it’s important to remember that each cruise line is very different from one another and offers different work opportunities and types of positions. There are two ways to go about it:  either you act as your own agent, or you contact a placement agency like Proship.

Don’t use both strategies simultaneously, since many agencies will refuse to represent you once you’ve contacted a cruise line directly.

If you choose to represent yourself you’ll have to research each line to discover their offerings. Following your research, you should be clear on how closely each position matches your list of needs. Then, zoom in on your ideal gig, find out who does the hiring, what they require to evaluate your candidacy, get on the phone and start negotiating your conditions.

On your own, it might take a very long time before you find the right gig for you, but it’s better than being with the wrong agent. An inexperienced agency may send you to a gig you are not qualified or prepared for.  Additionally, they may not know about all the documents required for your itinerary (visas, permits, etc) and you may end up being denied boarding at the last minute and losing your gig. Some agents even require musicians to pay them a portion of their salary each month. 

Still not sure what to do? Call us and ask us more. We are happy to answer. 

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