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April 18, 2017  • 

Getting The Best Gig For You, Part 3

If you are considering cruise ship gigs for the first time and you've just landed on this blog, you may want to start with Part 1, where I help you figure out what is the gig you want to aim for. Then, read Part 2 to decide whether you prefer to represent yourself or have an agency represent you. Once you are sure what your ideal gig is and that you'd like help securing it, read below for tips on how to identify the right agency. 

Choosing the Right Agency

An agency can really help you through the process of getting on board smoothly for the ideal gig. My suggestion is that you ask other musicians for recommendations. There are also 5 key signs that can help you determine you’ve called the right agency (otherwise, you may be better off on your own!): 

  1. Charges no commission fee to the musician
  2. Has a great reputation amongst musicians
  3. Hires for the largest number of cruise ships
  4. Hires exclusively for certain positions on some ships
  5. Will support you before, during and after each contract


There is no downside with the right agency. A good agent will be able to evaluate your skills, fears and desires and guide you to the position and the cruise line that is the best fit for you.

A good agent knows what cruise lines are looking for and what your chances are of getting your ideal gig. They know how to promote you to that line and how far they can push when negotiating on your behalf. They should not only be able to get you a great gig, but also get you through the extremely complex process of obtaining all documents required for work at sea. The right agency gives you the best chance of finding the best gig for you and you deserve no less. That is the reason why I founded Proship Entertainment.

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