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April 26, 2017  • 

Getting The Best Gig For You, Part 4

Hopefully, by this point, you have already figured out what kind of gigs you would like to get, you've decided you want to be represented by an agency, and after going through the key factors that determine what is the right agency, you've chosen Proship Entertainment. Great! What's next? You may be asked for a promotional package. 

Promotional Package Requirements

Proship hires entertainers and technicians from all over the world and it is impossible to audition/interview everyone in person. Therefore people applying for positions like musical acts, entertainers or technical staff must send us a complete promotional package. 

The package should include the following:

  1. Video - Your video must accurately represent you performing in a live setting so it’s not a good idea to edit the audio or hire a videographer. We recommend recording a fixed frame video with a camera on a tripod. To improve the audio quality you can connect your microphone or mixer directly to your camera. Record a test video first to make sure the audio is not distorted or unbalanced. It’s best to send us your songlist before you record the video so we can choose a variety of songs from your repertoire. We want to see the full range of styles that you can perform. Harmonies are a must for Party bands and duos, more than one singer is always best.
  2. Photos - All photos should be high quality with the entertainers or technician in formal attire or stage wear. Show off your style and energy but keep it professional. 
  3. Songlist - A complete list of songs that you are currently able to perform, grouped by musical style and language. Ideally 400-600 songs that cover as many different genres as possible.
  4. Biography - Include your background and experience and highlights of your last 3 years of professional work. Be sure to mention any previous cruise ship, hotel or casino experience
  5. Recommendations - Letters of reference from previous employers.
  6. Website -  If you have any material on your website, please provide us with the link.
  7. Links to your profile or professional page on social media platforms

Before sending us your Promotional Package Audition, please be sure to complete our online application form.

Once you've done that, you can send us your Promotional Package by email to or by mail:

Proship Entertainment
980 Saint Antoine West #710
Montreal QC Canada H3C 1A8

We look forward to hearing from you!